Other People’s Phone Messages

I don’t normally listen in on other people’s phones – but we’re all invited to do so in the opening title sequence for the TV series “The Rockford Files”.  What a great idea for an opener – it immediately tells us so much about the main character of the downbeat Private Investigator – the humour,Continue reading “Other People’s Phone Messages”

Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard

Matisse called Pierre Bonnard “one of the greatest colourists” – this would immediately interest me in his work.  But added interest as the curators Matthew Gale and Helen O’Malley give us a walkthrough summary of the current exhibition: “The C C Land Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard: the colour of Memory” (23 Jan – 6 May 2019).Continue reading “Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard”

Do artists change how we look at life?

Eugene Peterson, spiritual thinker and writer, gives one interesting example of how an artist changed what he saw, in one part of his life.   Television vs Homemade vs Fine Art This short clip made me wonder about his comment that artists help us see afresh by us actively seeking them, whereas television presents andContinue reading “Do artists change how we look at life?”

Review: A new era: Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950 (curator’s talk)

Today, at lunchtime, Alice Strang, Senior Curator at the National Gallery Modern (Edinburgh) gave an introductory talk on her newest exhibition: A new era: Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950. The thesis of the exhibition is that Scottish artists were responding to the modern influences of European painting fast, through their own work and through courageous andContinue reading “Review: A new era: Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950 (curator’s talk)”