Film Review: “Radiance” (Hikari)

Spoiler alert: I’ve seen this film and am about to talk about it.  However, I suspect that not many of you will have seen this Japanese film, with subtitles.  It’s precisely the sort of quality foreign film you go to a film festival to get a chance to see.  Here’s its official trailer:

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Dangerous Music

Man plays piano and lives to tell the tale…. this is simply the weirdest thing I’ve seen today.

It became a life or death duel between the man and the piano, inadvertently – as the player afterwards explained.

Is it performance art?  It’s certainly an attention grabbing visual image.  The music Continue reading “Dangerous Music”

Hokusai – master artist/printmaker – exhibition

From 4 June, Documentary film “Hokusai” will be shown at selected cinemas in UK 25 May – 13 August Exhibition at British Museum “Hokusai – beyond the Great Wave” The exhibition will include prints, paintings and illustrated books, many of which are on loan from Japan, Europe and the USA. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these extraordinary works together.         … Continue reading Hokusai – master artist/printmaker – exhibition