Dangerous Music

Man plays piano and lives to tell the tale…. this is simply the weirdest thing I’ve seen today.

It became a life or death duel between the man and the piano, inadvertently – as the player afterwards explained.

Is it performance art?  It’s certainly an attention grabbing visual image.  The music played was – of course – jazz.

Health and safety bonus points for playing it beside the sea, on sand.  Apart from that, it probably scored fairly highly on any risk assessment sheets.

Although another high risk musical performance might be the one called  “Dante or Die”, whose risk assessment sheet looks like this:

Children jumping across chairs/ Injury to falling over chairs

Likelihood: medium (could occur)

severity: moderate (could be off 3 days)

Make sure chairs are as sturdy as possible lying flat on the floor so they don not tilt. Advice parents the chairs are for sitting, for them to be responsible for their child. Explain to the child not to jump from chair to chair. Be vigilant. Inform event staff if they see any children jumping from chair to chair to ask them to stop.


The one which got me was “Use of Scissors” and the “Stage Manager”:

Use blunt scissors for less risk of cutting“….. the risk assessment form was then signed by… the Stage Manager.

Below is the link to the risk assessment in full and – here’s the performance trailer – which looks delightful and very unthreatening:

Click to access Clunk_Risk_Assessment.pdf



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