Wally Funk, Music & Moon Landing

I’ve just been listening to a terrific BBC6 (UK radio station) special one hour programme on space to celebrate 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing.  It’s done in a magazine-type format, with short reports on a variety of topics by well-known British music and broadcasting voices. We begin with Brian Eno (composer/musician) and BrianContinue reading “Wally Funk, Music & Moon Landing”

“Common People” – Pulp – the story

“Common People” was a hit for the band, Pulp. How much of the lyrics were true?   And here it is in all its glory at Paris, Olympia   But if that seems like an energetic performance, prepare yourself for the ultimate no holds barred emotionalism of William Shatner, forever famous as Captain Kirk in StarContinue reading ““Common People” – Pulp – the story”

Voice and 5 string cello

This is part of a project by Artangel – inviting people to read (or write) a piece about London and perform it in a specially arranged room high overlooking the Thames. Jarvis Cocker (frontman from Pulp and now BBC Radio 6 presenter) chose t0 read segments from the novel “Heart of Darkness”, accompanied by unrehearsed playingContinue reading “Voice and 5 string cello”