Portable Sketching Kit

Sketching daily is a great art discipline and finding 20 minutes to sketch is fairly do-able even in the most hectic of schedules.  Grab yourself a few basic tools (set out by tutor Nina Weiss) and you’re good to go…

  1. A box of coloured pencils
  2. a small sketchbook (her hands give an indication of its scale)
  3. 20 minutes

Nina finds it’s important to have these basic tools to hand at any moment when inspiration strikes.

Soon, this blog will feature her on a much longer drawing assignment, working from a photograph she took while travelling.


Portable Takeaway

What drawing/sketching/writing tools do you currently have?

Pool them together – you might be surprised.

Now pack them in such a way that you can have them with you, easy to get hold of, for as much of each day as possible.


Tapestry kits – sew there!

I have a few of these tapestry kits still to do – well, one nearly finished, and two to, em, completely start.  But as they are kits, all the material and the wool to cover it is there.  Right there, ready for me.

So I really don’t need another kit.  Like this one I’ve just spotted – dang!

“Fireworks” by Sholto Dumlanrig  (this pic even better than the one in the catalogue as the yellow pom pom edging really makes it pop – by Sarah James.



So just to be sensible, I went to see if it was on reduced price in the sales section…. that didn’t help, because then I met other reduced price kits by Kaffe Fassett (the crab), Julie Arkell (the cow jumped over the moon), the classic tonal Shells on the Sand (Kaffe again).

Crab-cutout-173.jpg  Cow-Jumped-Over-Moon-173.jpgShells-on-the-SandNew-173.jpg


No, Mr Ehrman, today I resist the temptation.  But after I’ve finished those 3 cushion covers may be another story….

After all, there are colouring in books everywhere for adults, so why not the colouring-in with needle and yummy wool shades?



Tapestry, medieval pictures, mosaic…

Candace Bahouth is an artist who works in loads of media – well known for designing tapestry kits for Ehrman Tapestry – here she shows her interests and inspiration in just 5 minutes.

Plenty of grounds for your own inspiration in the many ideas, colourways, techniques which spin out of this versatile artist’s imagination.  All in just 5 minutes.

Needlepoint Designer:Magie Hollingworth

Eight  minutes of video company with Magie – has many fascinating lingering still-life shots of her studio, while she chats about her design work and creative process.  She is interesting but the exploring camera is magical, with a very satisfying and nosey look around her place of work.  Everywhere you look there are springboards for new ideas and texture.

“My palette of choice is the colours of a beach…  it was another self-taught skill – everything I’ve done so far, I just seem to have got the materials and figured it out.  I just got an article on tent stitch, bought myself some canvas and got started and absolutely loved it.”

(This first canvas was made AFTER she had said she could do it and been commissioned to design a canvas for Hugh  – Hugh Ehrman, owner of a company which makes and sells needlepoint/tapestry kits.)  I have rather a few of such kits.

One time, I made a pilgrimage to the Ehrman shop in London, and fell in love with their wall display: light open boxed shelving and in each box, a completed, colourful sewn tapestry cushion.  Glorious.