Needlepoint Designer:Magie Hollingworth

Eight  minutes of video company with Magie – has many fascinating lingering still-life shots of her studio, while she chats about her design work and creative process.  She is interesting but the exploring camera is magical, with a very satisfying and nosey look around her place of work.  Everywhere you look there are springboards for new ideas and texture.

“My palette of choice is the colours of a beach…  it was another self-taught skill – everything I’ve done so far, I just seem to have got the materials and figured it out.  I just got an article on tent stitch, bought myself some canvas and got started and absolutely loved it.”

(This first canvas was made AFTER she had said she could do it and been commissioned to design a canvas for Hugh  – Hugh Ehrman, owner of a company which makes and sells needlepoint/tapestry kits.)  I have rather a few of such kits.

One time, I made a pilgrimage to the Ehrman shop in London, and fell in love with their wall display: light open boxed shelving and in each box, a completed, colourful sewn tapestry cushion.  Glorious.


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