Scottish Landscape Painting: Libby Scott

Come into the wild Scottish Landscape with painter Libby Scott… you won’t need a brolly or wellies – this video by Josh Davie takes you there.  Libby’s love of the outdoors and artist’s eye help you see even more beauty and colour in the scenery – and Josh’s videowork highlights the texture and movement.  AnContinue reading “Scottish Landscape Painting: Libby Scott”

Review: Laura Boswell at Birch Tree Gallery

If you’re intrigued to see prints of the Scottish landscape made with Japanese woodblock techniques – or linocut – and printed on an English Victorian press – then you need to see the work of Laura Boswell. (She is currently showing in Edinburgh, in the Birch Tree Gallery , alongside groups of delicate, diminutive porcelainContinue reading “Review: Laura Boswell at Birch Tree Gallery”

Into painting Community

If you’ve been painting for a while and would like to learn some more tips and tricks on practical elements, or just to get to know the artists in your community – I recommend going to an “artist’s talk”.  These are often run by a gallery around the time of a new exhibition and areContinue reading “Into painting Community”

Embroidery, #threaduary & light: Marna Lunt

Marna Lunt does applique the way Picasso worked with paint.  She has a joyous feel for embroidery, likes making lines higgledy-piggledy (what a lovely, freeing word that is) – and she does workshops.  Watch her at work in this video:   Inspiring others I first came across her work today, via @Hippystitch, who attended oneContinue reading “Embroidery, #threaduary & light: Marna Lunt”

“I can’t draw a straight line”

Many people say “I can’t draw a straight line” – this is a great starting point, because there are very few in nature (except the horizon).  Have you tried the freedom of collage? Watch Rebecca Maloney collage a landscape, from a few lightly pencilled guide marks, using coloured paper from magazines.  And yes, she makes itContinue reading ““I can’t draw a straight line””

Winter Photography: Alternative Christmas Tree

If you prefer your Christmas trees left in nature, unchopped, au naturelle – then an alternative for December decoration is to buy yourself a print from Sandra Jordan Photography. The print featured is “Winter Forest #1”.  And, encouragingly, that number would lead you to assume that there are other photographs in a similar vein.  AndContinue reading “Winter Photography: Alternative Christmas Tree”

Collage! Photography, bit by bit

I like the way this guy approaches what he does – takes a photo then collages pieces of magazine to recreate the photo: large. Giles Davies began doing collage after a career working as a graphic artist and in publishing – he made some pictures for a small group exhibition and found that they soldContinue reading “Collage! Photography, bit by bit”

Poetry Pilgrimage: Little Sparta

Two days ago, I went to Little Sparta, Scottish home of poet Ian Hamilton Finlay – whose garden contains words set in stone, playful and very often anti-war symbols – a place of imagination with 300 word/art works. “The garden functions as a political statement…. it suggests that as it is possible to transform thisContinue reading “Poetry Pilgrimage: Little Sparta”