Winter Photography: Alternative Christmas Tree

If you prefer your Christmas trees left in nature, unchopped, au naturelle – then an alternative for December decoration is to buy yourself a print from Sandra Jordan Photography.

The print featured is “Winter Forest #1”.  And, encouragingly, that number would lead you to assume that there are other photographs in a similar vein.  And you would be right.

With a touch of the poetic and humorous, this particular series is called Cabin Fever – and Sandra describes it thus:

cabin fever noun

a term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person is isolated and/or shut in a small space, with nothing to do for an extended period.

I live in a busy city, I live with a busy mind, sometimes I feel trapped within my own limited space and have an urge to run away, to escape. Photographing this series allows me to stop, breathe and take stock.  I hope that my  photographs allow the viewer to experience the same sense of space, serenity and peace.

Sandra Jordan’s photographs do exactly that.

Photography Galleries

To better see the range of her work, give in to temptation and order a print, do pop over to her website.  There, you’ll find series on:

Silent Beauty (photos of snow, mountains and glaciers)

Hidden Beauty (tops of brutalist concrete blocks of flats and sky, somehow looking much more interesting than that sounds)

Magnitude (mountains often shrouded in mist),

Out of Season – is a range of black and white photos of seaside resorts, abandoned outside the tourist season.

Flow – is a collection of abstracts from the High Arctic (mostly deep aqua and white bandings).

Cumulus – cloud studies of huge collections of fluffy clouds, like eiderdowns.

Christmas Present

It occurs to me that a Sandra Jordan photo would be a lovely Christmas/December present to yourself or a very very good friend – whom you visit often, so you get to see it. It becomes an alternative to the frenziedness of December in the runup to the Western festival of Christmas.  Her Cabin Fever range take you back to the silence and simplicity of snow, and invite contemplation.  There is beauty in the starkness of the black and white photographs.

More on Photography

If you’re interested in photography, you can find many posts on this blog covering that area, simply by typing “photography” into the search box – historic street photos, Vivian Maier, Elliott Erwitt on photographing to capture time, wildlife photography, Philippe Halsman’s iconic photo of Salvador Dali, meetinghouses in New England, review of “The Camera Exposed” exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum (2017) ….  Have fun – and let me know what you’ve enjoyed seeing.



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