Tidy Desk with Marie Kondo

As ever, I stumble upon something wonderful after everyone else…. take, for example the comedy of “The marvellous Mrs Meisel” – which has won multiple awards, run for 2 full series on Amazon Prime and… I just discovered it a few weeks ago. ¬†Eagerly, I advocated it to a good friend – who responded wearilyContinue reading “Tidy Desk with Marie Kondo”

Kon Mari THIS!

A young couple have posted the process of clearing out their bedroom/closet area. ¬†They planned for it to take just one day, which immediately was clearly unachievable when they listed the 5 (Kon Mari method) areas they would tackle: clothes books paper miscellaneous (! called “kamono”) and sentimental … in reality, it took 4 days:Continue reading “Kon Mari THIS!”