Kon Mari THIS!

A young couple have posted the process of clearing out their bedroom/closet area.  They planned for it to take just one day, which immediately was clearly unachievable when they listed the 5 (Kon Mari method) areas they would tackle:

  1. clothes
  2. books
  3. paper
  4. miscellaneous (! called “kamono”) and
  5. sentimental

… in reality, it took 4 days: 3 days tidying, one day repainting.

This time lapse frame video shows just how much work was involved in it – and the vast quantity of stuff removed from the room.

The before and after pictures are fairly sensational.  The couple themselves work pleasantly and are incredibly hardworking.

Note: the young woman is clearing out the entire amount of stuff from her teen and college years, so this is an emotional clearout at times.

Exit all this stuff, stage left:

Screen shot 2019-02-20 at 17.20.35

This is a pretty impressive amount of stuff to be removing – for those of you considering Kon Mari-ing your whole house, remember this is just from ONE ROOM.




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