First 10 comedy pages

If you want to write comedy for the UK market – you’ll want to hear this podcast: Sitcom Geeks.  In a recent episode, (No. 126) there is great specific advice on making the first 10 pages of your script outstandingly good. Sitcom Geeks is a fortnightly podcast by James Cary (Miranda) and Dave Cohen (HorribleContinue reading “First 10 comedy pages”

Before writing a nonfiction book…

So you want to write a nonfiction book?  Here’s where to truly begin: market research what is selling already. Start Here Youtube is awash with video advice on writing – it seems like many of us do firmly believe the old adage that everyone has a book in them. Out of the many wannabe Advisors,Continue reading “Before writing a nonfiction book…”

Sales of a Poetry Pamphlet

Poets: if you manage to get a publisher to print your work in a pamphlet – how can you increase sales?  (And also – how many sales can you expect, in which ways?) Poet Fiona Moore had a “moderately successful” pamphlet of her work printed by poetry published Happenstance – and noted how many copiesContinue reading “Sales of a Poetry Pamphlet”