Paul Nash – war artist

Appropriately, at this time of remembering the world wars – Armistice Day – the BBC has rereleased an excellent documentary of the war artist Paul Nash, viewable here.  This reminds me of my personal view of a retrospective of his life and work, earlier in the year. The BBC one hour programme, presented by theContinue reading “Paul Nash – war artist”

Laura Gill Artwork – painter

Laura Gill makes paintings which are slightly cubist/Futurist – the lines of movement are important.  I have just seen her work for the first time today – so unfortunately, I’ve missed her recent September exhibition: “New Horizons” in Edinburgh. Her painting is almost sculptural, and her line drawings of people engaged in sport capture theContinue reading “Laura Gill Artwork – painter”

Window – Clement McAleer

Northern Irish painter, Clement McAleer, has done a lovely series of paintings, themed as windows. The attic room reminds me of a poem by Seamus Heaney – another wellknown Northern Irish man – who wrote about something as mundane as getting a velux window in his study.  (At the moment, I can’t locate it toContinue reading “Window – Clement McAleer”

Cartoon view of Medieval Art

Roz Chast takes us through her favourite type of art at the Met – Medieval paintings.  She has a distinctive eye and commentary.   Roz brings her humour to the pictures and a strong sense of where the artist is not quite sure if they’re good enough to draw certain parts of the picture –Continue reading “Cartoon view of Medieval Art”

Quirky Ceramics Painting

Enjoying the work of James Ward, aka Jimbobart particularly on plates:     … and there are doormats… a welcoming masked panda or a vaguely threatening cat (“I’m so sorry Mr Bond, but my villainous sidekicks must kill you – it’s in their job description”… is what I imagine him saying) Jimbobart’s works are available toContinue reading “Quirky Ceramics Painting”

Cooking and Art

Cooking with J W Turner, Rachel Khoo composes a pickled treat. Sitting in the gallery, she sketches ingredients suggested by the picture, works on them in her kitchen – and eats the result (see video by Tate Galleries, below)   Creative Takeaways Having watched the video – is there a favourite picture/painting you have? HowContinue reading “Cooking and Art”

*Well-worth viewing TV prog

The excellent documentary on politics and painting: “Andrew Marr on Churchill: Blood, Sweat and Oil Paint” is being repeated on BBC i-Player at the moment.  It will be of interest to art historians, researchers into WW2 and people who, like Churchill, are keen amateur painters (he painted over 500 canvases) or, like Andrew Marr, recoveringContinue reading “*Well-worth viewing TV prog”

Creativity healing

Just read an excellent article on the website about how creativity is a natural way for the brain to help process trauma.  Trauma by its nature is overwhelming – so the brain cannot deal with and store what is happening in the usual way.  With normal events, memories are stored using words:   “ThisContinue reading “Creativity healing”

I’m on the Riviera…..

with film star Richard E Grant.  And the painter Matisse.  And a BBC camera crew. As you’ve probably guessed, I am watching a BBC Arts documentary – “The Riviera: a history in pictures”.  (We have only seen episode 1.  For UK viewers, episode 2 is on Monday at 9 pm, BBC4).     Joyfully, ourContinue reading “I’m on the Riviera…..”

Paul Klee and McKee

In the same day, I came across some lessons on art from the famous Paul Klee – at the same time and place as a glorious coloured painting from Paul McKee, “Headland”:    Paul McKee is an art teacher as well as freelance artist – and his blog pointed out some free lessons onContinue reading “Paul Klee and McKee”