Embroidery, poetry, photography

Maria Wigley combines embroidered handwriting with poetry and photography.  If the thought of that excites you half as much as it thrills me, then don’t miss her website   As an arts college tutor, Maria has thought much about her art and is able to pull out of her bag the quote: “Painting is silentContinue reading “Embroidery, poetry, photography”

Humorist, Photographer, Earthling

Terry Border describes himself as “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling” on his website. As well as the photo series of books with wiry limbs (see featured photo above this article) he is also a punning facial hair model:  – this is part of a series if you have a friend with facial hair which you would like toContinue reading “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling”

Collage! Photography, bit by bit

I like the way this guy approaches what he does – takes a photo then collages pieces of magazine to recreate the photo: large. Giles Davies began doing collage after a career working as a graphic artist and in publishing – he made some pictures for a small group exhibition and found that they soldContinue reading “Collage! Photography, bit by bit”

Poetry is everywhere – Instagram

For practicing but unpublished poets out there – a new way to build an audience, get your work seen and possibly get a book offer from a publisher…. Instagram. According to an article in the Boston Globe (by Michael Brodeur) “Amazon’s top 10 bestsellers in poetry is filled with works by poets who post theirContinue reading “Poetry is everywhere – Instagram”