Andy Warhol eats a hamburger

Stop me if you’ve seen this before – but I’ll be amazed if you have – a short film of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger (although foodie pedants will be shouting “it’s a BEEFburger!”). ¬†Jorgen Leth travelled from Sweden with a film crew to capture the moments. Why? ¬†Well, it was part of a setContinue reading “Andy Warhol eats a hamburger”

Exhibition Lecture: “Transatlantic Connections: Eduardo Paolozzi and Andy Warhol” Edinburgh

Today is the opening day of the newest exhibition at the National Gallery Modern Two in Edinburgh: Eduardo Paolozzi and Andy Warhol, titled “I want to be a machine.”  I attended an opening lecture at lunchtime and then went across town to see the exhibition for myself. Lunchtime Lecture (1pm, National Galleries of Scotland) AnneContinue reading “Exhibition Lecture: “Transatlantic Connections: Eduardo Paolozzi and Andy Warhol” Edinburgh”

Razzle Dazzle – art meets war

Camouflage for ships is Razzle Dazzle – the boat is not concealed from attack, but is painted in such a way that it’s difficult to identify the parts of the boat for aiming at it – and it is difficult to work out which direction it is aiming in. Obviously more use in the daysContinue reading “Razzle Dazzle – art meets war”