Photography: Dawoud Bey

Dawoud Bey, American street photographer has recorded a fascinating brief 6 minute interview with Pbs.  Fascinating because he is a great communicator, deep thinker (awarded a MacArthur “genius award” Fellowship, speaking in his sixties on a lifetime career photographing changes in America. He speaks on photography as a “transformative event” – “art has the capacity toContinue reading “Photography: Dawoud Bey”

Unknown Women

Let us now praise unfamous women – on Tuesday, poet/performer Gerda Stevenson painted lively portraits of strong women as she read from her book of poems about Scottish Women, in the richly adorned historic central room of the Scottish Portrait Gallery.  In a brilliant mix of place, voice and performance, she read from her book, tellingContinue reading “Unknown Women”

Iconic Photo 1948: Dali, 3 cats, water….

When you’re going to photograph the Surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, you don’t just say “Cheese”.  Phillipe Halsman collaborated for decades with the painter – and his daughter recalls how their most famous collaboration was made: To get the right mix, there were 26 attempts.  I can’t help wondering whether it was not rather more difficultContinue reading “Iconic Photo 1948: Dali, 3 cats, water….”

Pencil sculpture – Gareth Reid

The recent winner of the Sky Art “Portrait Artist of the Year” works fundamentally in graphite and charcoal.  The effect is of a monumental sculpture, yet flat 2D. Born in Belfast, Gareth Reid studied at Glasgow School of Art, University of Ulster and Florence Academy of Art. He now lives and works in Glasgow. Previously aContinue reading “Pencil sculpture – Gareth Reid”

Electrical tape art

The recent “Portrait Artist of the Year” competition (Sky Arts) makes fascinating viewing.  Many of the portraits are done with the expected media of acrylic or oil paint – but there were some surprises along the way, including the use of electrical tape. (see below)   The eventual winner works in the medium of pencilContinue reading “Electrical tape art”