So you win Project Runway – what next?

10 ways for Creatives to Make it (and sell it) from Christian Sirianio's example


Why is Haute Couture so cheap?

Working from a 2D flat 1939 Christian Dior Design, a skilfull dressmaker, Domenique Erb,  takes proportions, measurements, then drapes, pins and sews muslin on a dressmaker's bodyform dummy to bring it to 3D life as a template for an evening gown. Why do Couture garments cost so much? Well, once you've viewed this video, …

Cutting quips – best Michael Kors quotes (in 5 minutes)

One of the most engaging reality TV shows, for me is Project Runway. Here, fashion designers are given weekly challenges to make a gorgeous outfit out of ridiculously limited materials in a ridiculously short time. e.g. they will be taken into a pet store and given 20 minutes to grab what materials they can – …