Cutting quips – best Michael Kors quotes (in 5 minutes)

One of the most engaging reality TV shows, for me is Project Runway. Here, fashion designers are given weekly challenges to make a gorgeous outfit out of ridiculously limited materials in a ridiculously short time. e.g. they will be taken into a pet store and given 20 minutes to grab what materials they can – out of which they must manufacture in 10 hours an outfit to be modeled on a runway. The prize for the top 3 is to have a show in New York Fashion week – with real models and an audience – so it is a true opportunity.

Screen shot 2016-09-10 at 20.20.27.png

“Something a Teletubby would wear to a party”

One of the permanent judges on the programme is a male, camp but sharp-eyed designer, Michael Kors.

Someone has put together his colourful descriptions and feedback on some of the worst designs to appear before him. His comments are full of astounding comparisons and descriptions – But when you see the outfits you can see where he’s coming from. “Crazy disco turkey”. “You had to put the shark’s teeth on her sleeves?” “The only possible accessory she can use with this is a wand.” Over the top funny.


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