October – daily Creative prompts

Continuing the experiment with creative prompts from Sketchbook Skool.  Here are your daily challenges for October, should you choose to accept this mission. Sketchbook Skool is an excellent provider of online drawing classes – find this list above and more info on their courses over at: https://sketchbookskool.com/blog/a-drawing-a-day-october-daily-drawing-prompts   Creative Prompts – what? Creative prompts are a trigger, a starter, a warmup.  The idea is that … Continue reading October – daily Creative prompts

Write, right, what shall I write?

So, writer/wouldbewriter, the Christmas hols are over, either a) you want to sit down at the computer and write for publication, but the horror of the flashing cursor on a blank page daunts you b) someone has bought you a lovely journal to write in – or you’ve got your eye on that beautiful exercise book or pen that you’d love to have but aren’t … Continue reading Write, right, what shall I write?