October – daily Creative prompts

Continuing the experiment with creative prompts from Sketchbook Skool.  Here are your daily challenges for October, should you choose to accept this mission. Sketchbook Skool is an excellent provider of online drawing classes - find this list above and more info on their courses over at: https://sketchbookskool.com/blog/a-drawing-a-day-october-daily-drawing-prompts   Creative Prompts - what? Creative prompts are …


Creative Prompt: 28th September

Today's creative prompt is rather difficult: INSPIRATION I think it's difficult because it's inspiration itself.  However, see what you can make of it.

Writing prompt 2

Take 10 minutes, start timer, pick ONE of the 3 possible themes below - and just write! Write the first communication sent back to Earth after humans land on Mars. Finish this sentence: The smell of an orange reminds me of…. A genie grants you three tiny wishes. What are they? There will be another …