The Edited Read: Post-it Poetry

Just came across an interesting interview on the blog “Little Word Studio” – where Melissa Kandel interviewed a writer based in Hollywood (self-styled as sob), who writes post-it poems and places them around his favourite walking route.  Here’s my quick highlights of what was said – see the full-length interview here.

Why write poetry on Post-its?

  • I went to grad school for directing but fell into writing out of compulsion. I was an English major in undergrad so I have those roots and it takes a ton of money and time to make a movie, where all it takes is a pen and paper to write. I’m currently trying to sell some scripts and get attachments for a movie I’m directing while working on the second draft of the aforementioned novel while also doing a ton of freelance film-related work. Basically, the old Hollywood Hustle.

What is the writing process?

  • Everything is an inspiration. I get hit constantly with little thoughts that I jot down into Notes on my phone, then I’ll try to sit down for a few hours once or twice a week to write them all into a longer word document and re-shape them. In addition, I’ll force myself to write a dozen or so new ones while I’m there and have the time.

Writers you admire?

  • As far as the authors, my lifelong obsessions are James Joyce and Shakespeare. But beyond that we have the other modernists, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, W.B. Yeats, etc. I love the Romantics: Blake, Shelley, Wordsworth, etc. Let’s see off the top of my head without cheating and looking at the bookshelves 12 inches from me—Carroll. Pynchon. Mark Z. Danielewski!, Fitzgerald, Austen, Auden, Donna Tartt, (OK, cheating now) … Eh— you get the idea. Everyone. I wish I read more philosophy.


Creative Takeaway

This week’s challenge: follow sob’s writing process, making short notes of words/phrases during the week, then sit down for an hour or two and stick with it until you get about 20 phrases.  Then write them on post-its and/or instagram.

Or if you like the physical texture of paper and pen – write them on postcards and post to friends.



“They give pause”

I found a beautiful tiny poem/book at my recent visit to the Scottish Poetry Library. Poems for All make tiny little beautiful books with a gorgeous picture and one brief poem inside.  See them being made in this short poem, as their producer (a bookshop owner) describes why he does this – and how.  He then gives them away for free.  Describing himself as a shy person, he is not keen on approaching strangers, but simply leaves his little book-lets in public places where people can choose to pick them up.  These can be quite widespread – they are made in California and I got mine in Edinburgh.

“Based in California, Poems-For-All has also taken root in Scotland. We’ve been scattering like seeds little books of poetry for the last several years during the St. Andrews International Poetry Festival (StAnza) and at other events and locations throughout the country. We welcome submissions from poets who would like to be part of our sma buiks, wee poems effort in Scotland.”

Photography and democracy

This interesting website has just put its own words and pictures into print as a book

Screen shot 2016-10-31 at 22.54.33.png

The Public Image argues for a fundamental shift in understanding photography and public culture. In place of suspicions about photography’s capacity for distraction, deception, and manipulation, we suggest how it can provide resources for democratic communication and thoughtful reflection about contemporary social problems.