Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

I so enjoyed this film - even though I only went to accompany someone else and I'm not an especial fan of Queen the pop group.  It is definitely one to watch in the cinema, BIG SCREEN, to get the incredible sense of large stadium concerts - at which Queen excelled - and the necessary …


Books yet to read

Which books do we ever get round to reading - and which fall by the wayside and remain unread?  Popular book reviewer on Youtube, Sanne, ponders.... You can follow Sanne at her Youtube channel, booksandquills. If you have a seemingly endless list of books you want to read - my sympathy as a fellow …

How to get a glowing book review BEFORE writing the book….

Yes, you can achieve a strongly positive book review before you have written a word of it...  IF you reply to an unimaginative scammer who has used the old ruse of pretending to be a friend who has lost his money overseas.  James Veitch shows us how, in a video of under 3 minutes.