How to get a glowing book review BEFORE writing the book….

Yes, you can achieve a strongly positive book review before you have written a word of it…  IF you reply to an unimaginative scammer who has used the old ruse of pretending to be a friend who has lost his money overseas.

 James Veitch shows us how, in a video of under 3 minutes.

If you’d like to see more scammers getting their come-uppance, you’ll find “Scamalot” has plenty more humorous stories on Youtube.  He has responded to many different kinds of scams, and driven the scammers wild with HIS emails to them.  In one case, they even asked him not to contact them again!

How to get your own back on scammers

Most of us probably see a scam dropping into our email, don’t respond, delete the email or change our passwords and find it deeply annoying.  On the other hand, James Veitch shows how to get value from them: take them at face value, and then draw them into an absurd series of emails, with fantastic scenarios and unrelenting queries and questions until they weary of the chase. Then make the whole tale into a standup comedy routine.  The scammers haven’t gained access to your money – you have made money out of them, by retaining your sense of humour.


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