Couture Knitting (and tattoos), Scotland: Di Gilpin

Di Gilpin, a self-taught knitting designer in Scotland, speaks in this video about her collaboration with couture designers, including her shrug inspired by the White Witch in “the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” – and the tattoes of a Russian warrior princess.  As she points out, with a lacey knit worn over bare skin, the effect is of tattoes on the skin.

Watch from 90 minutes in. (It’s a long vlogcast).

(The video is by the knitting vlog, Fruity Knitting)

As well as knitting a grey shrug to mimic tattoes, Di also designed a featured full-length, red knitted ballgown, with a tabard full of Scottish symbols “Including a lovely Continue reading “Couture Knitting (and tattoos), Scotland: Di Gilpin”


Norway Scotland Mosaic – Line Mortensen

Have you seen mosaics by Line Mortensen?  Line was born in Norway, now lives and works in Scotland, and uses many different materials in her work: French tiles, Italian smalti, slate, Scottish sea glass, semi precious stones… These create dazzling colours and gorgeous texture in her pieces – they are very sculptural and richly rewarding for the eyes. As well as a few mosaic wall … Continue reading Norway Scotland Mosaic – Line Mortensen

“They give pause”

I found a beautiful tiny poem/book at my recent visit to the Scottish Poetry Library. Poems for All make tiny little beautiful books with a gorgeous picture and one brief poem inside.  See them being made in this short poem, as their producer (a bookshop owner) describes why he does this – and how.  He then gives them away for free.  Describing himself as a … Continue reading “They give pause”

Francis Boag

Oh his work – I’ve just looked at his website for probably the first time, and his pictures are so rich, they make me think of new things and remind me of old inspirations.  What a joy! From his website: The title of this picture is a place in Scotland – but when I look at this, I see tartan overall, I see trees dominating … Continue reading Francis Boag