Self-portrait knitting freestyle

Kristy Glass has an amazing knitting vlog on Youtube – in it, she mostly interviews pretty much every well-known knitwear designer, vlogger and writer in the knitting world.

Here, she shows her own freestyle creation – she worked not from someone else’s pattern nor did she write down the pattern as she invented it, going along.  This is free-form.  It’s fairly instinctive and therefore highly individual – and fun!  She responded to inspiring wool to make something which makes the most of the yarn’s bouncy nature (her character is similar): a bubble dress!

By the way, for non-knitters, FO means Finished Object

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Selfie? Self-portrait

In this BBC programme, the Observer writer on Art, Laura Cumming, takes us through self-portraits, their intensity and what they say to us about ourselves. “Ego the strange and wonderful world of self-portraits” is on BBC iplayer for the next 20 days, all 90 minutes of it.  (If it looks familiar, it was shown first in November 2010) Laura Cumming speaks quietly but with … Continue reading Selfie? Self-portrait