Self-portrait knitting freestyle

Kristy Glass has an amazing knitting vlog on Youtube – in it, she mostly interviews pretty much every well-known knitwear designer, vlogger and writer in the knitting world.

Here, she shows her own freestyle creation – she worked not from someone else’s pattern nor did she write down the pattern as she invented it, going along.  This is free-form.  It’s fairly instinctive and therefore highly individual – and fun!  She responded to inspiring wool to make something which makes the most of the yarn’s bouncy nature (her character is similar): a bubble dress!

By the way, for non-knitters, FO means Finished Object

Creative Takeaway

If you’re a wouldbe knitter/textile designer, let this video inspire you to make something personal. The bubble dress in this yarn really works for Kristy but would not be so complimentary for anyone who is not tall, ultra slim, confident and with excellently smooth skin.

All these pictures from her vlog, Kristy Glass Knits.  You can also find Kristy and her knitting exploits and interviews on

Instagram: kristyglassknits
snapchat: kristyglasss
ravelry: kristyglass

But enough about Kristy – what would you make to describe yourself?  A handknitted garment can be like a self-portrait, showing who you are.  This is the way to make sure that an outfit suits you rather than dominates you: you wear it, rather than it wearing you.  What are your favourite colours?  Do you have a strong sense of humour to put into it?  Have you found a yarn you deeply respond to and utterly love?  Would it be textured or more groomed and flat?  Would it be dramatic?  Or natural?

Kristy was confident enough to make a dress – but for those of us with less experience, perhaps a simpler, cheaper place to begin would be on a smaller project, like fingerless gloves or a scarf.  For a larger item like jumper or dress, it’s good when you’ve established your favourite neckline, shoulderline, arms style and length (as Kristy knew, before she began) – so you have an idea of the final destination and some landmarks along the way.

Bon voyage on your knitting adventure!  Would love to see your results.


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