Artists getting gallery representation

Do you know an artist who has learnt their craft and begun producing new and original work – and they’d like to get their work into galleries and selling?

Check out this brief and informative video – it takes a very simple, straightforward approach.

Basically, Brainard Carey recommends:

  1. Select your best 10 pictures, have good photos of them on an ipad, ready to show.
  2. Pick galleries near where you live
  3. (Leave your work at home) Go to their opening nights for another artist’s work, see how it is, in full flow
  4. Ask to speak to someone about a particular sculpture or painting you like – ask a question, see how they handle it
  5. Judge how they would represent YOU by how they are selling the other artist’s work – are they knowledgeable, interesting, and make an attractive case?  Then decide if they would be good for representing you.
  6. Visit the gallery next day, with your work ready to show on ipad or portable screen device – ask if they consider new artists’ work?
  7. If yes, how would they like to see the work?  (They will possibly say email 2 or 3 images – but if they would like to see your work right then and there, you have the images already with you, ready for display)




Textiles: Welsh Quilts and Blankets

A leisurely (14 minutes) historical look at a dealer in Welsh Quilts and blankets who has also carefully gathered a private collection of the range of styles: Jen Jones.

Your first screenplay….

If you know someone who’s beginning to write scripts for film – or that fits you – then this video is jampacked full of advice, comments, inside the film industry tips…. like a master class in itself.

Here’s just one of the comments – write at least 9 full scripts – most people write 2 or 3 and then give up when they’re not made into films…. and that’s too soon!  Keep going.