Photography: Dawoud Bey

Dawoud Bey, American street photographer has recorded a fascinating brief 6 minute interview with Pbs.  Fascinating because he is a great communicator, deep thinker (awarded a MacArthur “genius award” Fellowship, speaking in his sixties on a lifetime career photographing changes in America. He speaks on photography as a “transformative event” – “art has the capacity toContinue reading “Photography: Dawoud Bey”

Duck 3 ways: photo, film, TV

Tao Lui took this snap – he began street photography as a way to relieve the repetitiveness of his work as a water meter reader in China.  (Aha – the continuing conversation between life and art, as this blog logo says). Much more of his story and pictures over at Colossal  website Uncanny Moments on theContinue reading “Duck 3 ways: photo, film, TV”

Street Photography – Eugene Atget

This whole blog is about the overlap between art and life: street photography is one obvious place to find both interacting. As you visit a town or city over the years, you notice buildings changing use – somewhere that used to be a coffee shop is now a pizza place, what was a cardshop is nowContinue reading “Street Photography – Eugene Atget”