Cheryl Dunn: Street Photography (NYC)

Cheryl Dunn gives this street photography instruction and interview in a compact 4 minutes.

It’s a terrific title for a video: “Cheryl Dunn leads a Vision Walk in NYC”.

“I think it’s important to do: show people what you see with your eyes”

Advice for Street Photography

  1. Pick your subject (“What do you have access to, that is inaccessible to other people? ¬†Go there and go deep”)
  2. Prep your equipment so you can respond to the fleeting opportunity (“It’s so fleeting and you fail 98% of the time… but if you don’t try, you won’t get it that 2% of the time.”)
  3. Don’t be stopped by other people’s fears (She decided to not take on board older people’s fears for her personal safety – but to be careful but not expect trouble until she experienced it)
  4. Get up close (take a step closer to your subject, then another, then another – see how close you get before they notice you, you’ll be surprised).
street photography, Cheryl Dunn, New York
Cheryl Dunn in her office/studio (video still)

(above) Cheryl Dunn at home in her photographic study: to the left, her lightbox for viewing negatives (she shoots on film), and behind the computer, a poster for her film on street photography: “Everyday Street”.

More on Street Photography

This is such a fascinating (and broad) subject, that I’ll be concentrating on it for the next week in this blog. ¬†Possibly for life!

To see past posts on it, type in the search box “street photography” and you’ll find Eugene Atget (Paris, 1800s), Vivian Maier (nanny, amateur photographer), Ron Galella (paparazzo, USA), Mimo Khair (China) , Tao Lui (water meter reader in China).


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