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What art do animation artists love to make?

Blog post from on “Moonshine” a book of 49 animators and the work they make privately for themselves. Continue reading What art do animation artists love to make?


When is a ring not a ring?

When it is open.  This lovely piece from Emma Calvert jewellery caught my eye today.   This multi-cube ring (as it’s named) curves around the back of your finger.  The blocks contain marble resin cubes.  (Ring sizes N-P). Art Deco styling.  Dramatic.  Non blingy.  Daytime jewellery.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should buy two rings, in the interest of balance….. Continue reading When is a ring not a ring?

Brighter Monday… Advanced Style

Funky women, enjoying themselves and expressing themselves in what they wear, aged 70 plus. Love the attitude of one woman who when she has a shop assistant show her something with a “This is what everyone is wearing right now” tells her “then you can put it right back, I’ll not be wearing it.”  Although, anyone foolish enough to offer any of these women a dreary … Continue reading Brighter Monday… Advanced Style