Video Podcasting

If you’re considering making your own video podcast – here are some tips from an excellent presenter: Minnie Small.  Minnie has 322,000 subscribers and it’s easy to see why: she’s relaxed, calm, creative (she describes herself as quiet, mellow, low-key), and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.  She works from home with a freelance illustration practice “semi-skimmed min” – but she made this Youtube video on how to make a Youtube video by popular demand from her viewers.


Visual Style

Screen shot 2019-03-12 at 15.29.13

You will want to look at some of her clips to get a sense of her visual style.  However, it must be said that when you can have someone carrying a box or tidying a bedroom looking this great – she has my visual style confidence vote.Screen shot 2019-03-12 at 15.28.43Screen shot 2019-03-12 at 15.29.39This simple picture of sorting the laundry – sorting the laundry! – can look this beautiful.  Part of it is the amazing sense of lighting – diffused backlighting makes this like a Bill Viola art video.  Partly, it’s the restricted, soft palette of white, with dark blocks (her clothes) and soft light woods, with flecks of greenery – and a tiny pop of yellow sunflowers.

Summary: her 7 tips for video blogging:

  1. Be yourself – she acknowledged this sounds cheesy – but it’s true
  2.  Excellent audio – without getting too techy
  3.  Music – she recommends a source for royalties free music
  4.  Pacing – how to simply edit to maintain interest and “trim the fat”
  5. Sound effects – how you introduce music, occasional sound indications, how voice is placed over the visuals
  6. Camera angles – how to get creative with these
  7. Know your why – what do you bring to the blogging table?  how?  why?  This baseline informs your choices for what you choose to show and will help your editing keep the vlog focussed – you will know what to show and what to cut out.  PS.  this question could usefully be put in as number one – it affects all other choices.

Screen shot 2019-03-12 at 15.57.22


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