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Billboards for… poetry

Dear progress is a series of word art/poems written by Micah Purnell and displayed on billboards around the city of Manchester, England.

The video explains both the wording and what Micah is thinking on.  He describes this work as:



All about sky

I am intrigued by this painting of urban landscape but skewed to feature the sky:


“Berliner Himmel” by Helge Windisch  at www.saatchiart.com

Frustratingly, this oil painting is not for sale.  There are works also on urban landscape and sky by the same artist – for sale at Saatchi art –  but none so mysterious as this.  I suspect that the artist has realized that this is a key painting in her development and is holding onto it.

As I look at the picture from top to bottom, the tall building seems to transform into a door with impenetrable dark panels.  All the texture and movement is in the sky, which pools and dredges and pulls the eye.

As far as I know, “himmel” is German for both sky and heaven, so I wonder if this has a spiritual interpretation.  It certainly intrigues and points heavenwards.  It would be particularly interesting to view if it was fixed high up on a wall.

Become a Designer right NOW


“You don’t need equipment, you don’t need a salary, you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a fancy assignment you don’t need anything – all you need is your curiosity and your optimism and you can start being a designer this minute.

Michael Beirut, Pentagram Design Partner

This 6 minute video will give more of an idea of the satisfaction of seeing your design at work, being useful in an urban environment (New York).


Screen shot 2016-12-21 at 13.22.45.pngScreen shot 2016-12-21 at 13.22.15.pngScreen shot 2016-12-21 at 13.21.35.png

These are not trick photos.  They are taken by Denis Darzacq as a direct response to the riots in Paris and the figures in the Twin Towers seen plummeting to their deaths.

What you are looking at are snapshots of hiphop and breakdancers in midmove.  Exhibited in 2007 as La Chute (The Fall) exhibition, in Paris – which is where the photos were taken and which is itself the subject of the series of photographs.

In 2006, Darzacq dreamt up The Fall. It was partly the horror-struck idea of people falling from the twin towers on September 11, but it was mostly a depiction of an entire generation in France in free fall, ignored by society, their energy untapped and unused. He felt today’s France was the sort of place where someone could tumble from the sky without a net and no one walking down the street would bat an eyelid.

(quote from the excellent Guardian article on the exhibition, which interviewed Denis and his dancers.


Video projection on the streets

“A Wall is a Screen” is a fun project to take projectors at night into the city and project onto well known walls.

Sven Schwarz “A Wall is a Screen”, Hamburg in this video shows working in Toronto.  He explained their project’s idea:

“To use public spaces – or space you would know in the city very well – for a cultural purpose without any commercial idea in the background, so we wanted to show the audience that you can use a city and play with it.”

The programme began in 2003, screening short films on walls in the inner city.  The idea (more…)