Music/Lyrics On the Wind

Ben Stamper, choir, found words

Random words gathered from litter and woven into choir pieces for singing... Music by Joshua Stamper; video by Ben Stamper.


Billboards for… poetry

billboards, poetry, Micah Purnell, Manchester, meditation

Micah Purnell has put his poetry on billboards in a project "Dear Progress". He meditates on progress - and what it's doing for us as a society. Displayed in Manchester.

All about sky

I am intrigued by this painting of urban landscape but skewed to feature the sky: Frustratingly, this oil painting is not for sale.  There are works also on urban landscape and sky by the same artist - for sale at Saatchi art -  but none so mysterious as this.  I suspect that the artist has …


These are not trick photos.  They are taken by Denis Darzacq as a direct response to the riots in Paris and the figures in the Twin Towers seen plummeting to their deaths. What you are looking at are snapshots of hiphop and breakdancers in midmove.  Exhibited in 2007 as La Chute (The Fall) exhibition, in Paris …