Sudden Life Changes – Michelle Obama

The bookshops are full of Michelle Obama’s autobiography: “Becoming”.  Here is an audio recording of her reading her own words (on BBC), recording the start of what it was like to become First Lady.  Click here to access audio recording, if you live in the UK.  (I’m not quire sure how you’d access this, ifContinue reading “Sudden Life Changes – Michelle Obama”

The Art of Conversation – Studs Turkel Archive

Basically, you need never be bored again.  An immense archive of  the great audio interviewer and social historian and researcher, Studs Turkel, speaking over 40 years with great thinkers, movers and shakers as well as people less famous – has been properly curated and placed online.  This is America, talking to itself, about its hopes andContinue reading “The Art of Conversation – Studs Turkel Archive”

Listening in on the Oscars for Poetry, T S Eliot Prize

10 poets read as shortlisted for the annual T S Eliot prize – audio recording on Youtube videos

Health and Safety at work: in the Bathroom

Friday – time for Health and Safety at work public awareness film.  And now to cover an area so lamentably left uncovered by Public Safety research: Health and Safety at work in the Bathroom.  Thankfully, a Mr Bernard Black and Manny (of Black Books bookshop) have been assisting our researchers with their enquiries.  Can you spotContinue reading “Health and Safety at work: in the Bathroom”

Daily Discipline of an artist

Henri Matisse was a prolific artist – his firm daily discipline during his time at Riviera was: dawn: Club Nautique: row in canoe for 2 hours practise violin in apartment 9 a.m. start painting.  Work 3 hours. Lunchbreak.  Nap.  Then write correspondence – family and friends. 4 pm Restart painting, paint til daylight fades Draw withContinue reading “Daily Discipline of an artist”

Getting to make good creative work

We probably all know this feeling – bright idea, got all the tools, set to work, make something which looks like something a 7 year old would make, and feel ludicrously disappointed.  Like giving up. But we’re just starting.  Ira Glass, in this well-known video confides what he wishes he had been told at theContinue reading “Getting to make good creative work”