Sudden Life Changes – Michelle Obama

The bookshops are full of Michelle Obama’s autobiography: “Becoming”.  Here is an audio recording of her reading her own words (on BBC), recording the start of what it was like to become First Lady.  Click here to access audio recording, if you live in the UK.  (I’m not quire sure how you’d access this, if you live outside the UK – you could always borrow the book from a library.)


Creative Takeaway

Cusp moments, or times of change can be exciting and full of drama in the life of characters, whether real or imagined.

Why not take a real person you find intriguing, famous, who went through a very obvious, public change in circumstances – try imagining what that change was like.  Express it in your chosen creative medium.

When you’ve done that, then why not find an autobiography of that person – read their personal account, and see where it overlaps with your imagination.

Make another piece from this.  Perhaps about an unexpected sense or experience they had at the time, which you hadn’t foreseen or imagined.



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