ART: Steve Martin at MOMA

Missing being able to pop into an art gallery these days?

Try this – viewing 2 pieces from MOMA with actor/comedian/writer Steve Martin words and video on MOMA site here. As Steve looks at the pictures, which seem to be abstract art, he gets a whole new insight into one of them.

As he says,

“I believe pictures reveal themselves over time – you can’t really get it in one lengthy look… go back and back and back.  The good ones really do keep on giving. It’s amazing. A picture is stationary – it’s immobile and yet it changes for you.”

-Steve Martin

In the 4 minute video, we see this in progress.

We can also hear more – because this is part of a BBC/MOMA collaboration – and the BBC radio programme lasts for 14 minutes.

If you are a BBC licence player, you can hear it here.

For more on Steve and his love of art, there’s an interview on CBS which also goes into his 2010 novel, set in the Art world of New York “An Object of Beauty” and includes viewing a little of the Whitney Museum of Art. Catch this at Youtube here.

To see Steve Martin performing his banjo onstage see here.

And also, a solo banjo peformance to help calm the world during the current Coronavirus


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