How to become a Youtube producer/presenter

How to make a living from YouTube (or die trying) Fun Ignite presentation by former engineer: Photo: Dave Jones from the EEVblog (from youtube vid)   Ignite is a specific presentation style: 5 minutes long and must feature 20 powerpoint slides. Interested in doing this style of presentation?   The presenter has kindly putContinue reading “How to become a Youtube producer/presenter”

Why is poetry important? (3 mins audio)

Mike Garry: “Why is Poetry important?” Picture: BBC 3 minutes of audio. “I’m just dead excited by sound…..”…. “poetry makes thoughts real” Part of that wonderful resource for creative, 3 minute epiphanies. Like a particularly gorgeous box of chocolates, only mind food.

Shop non-assistants

“Now I’m turning my head away from you as you’ve taken 30 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back.” According to this skit, men have equal opportunities with women to receive the rough edge of condescension from clothing shop assistants, in Jeffrey’s, as featured in Saturday Night Live. If you have ever wonderedContinue reading “Shop non-assistants”

Painting and Politics – Churchill

This is very good – Andrew Marr – who has mixed with high-level politicians frequently in his career as BBC political commentator – tackles the subject of what painting meant to Winston Churchill throughout that world leader’s life. Still from the BBC programme Here’s a clip from the programme – where Andrew engages with theContinue reading “Painting and Politics – Churchill”

Funky Design – buttons

Like colourful buttons?  You might like this display in which colourful buttons are placed carefully into a lightbulb, then resin put in, for permanent display. (The light bulbs do not function as lights but as a display element.) Step by step photos and design story over at: