Pigs may Fly – Pink Floyd at the V&A

13 May – Pink Floyd Exhibition opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.   The British Rock bank, Pink Floyd, known for imaginative staging and videos have an exhibition in their honour opening at the premier London design museum the Victoria and Albert museum (known colloquially as the V&A) beginning soon. Although known for their creativityContinue reading “Pigs may Fly – Pink Floyd at the V&A”

Venice:Speaking statue: John the Baptist

If/when you’re in Venice, here is something to visit: a sculpture beautifully described by the art historian/broadcaster Andrew Graham-Dixon thus: “Donatello more vividly, more brilliantly, more viscerally than anyone else creates these figures which seem as if they are on the point of speech – and that tradition which is embodied by this sculpture ofContinue reading “Venice:Speaking statue: John the Baptist”

Humorous Food Review “Hoovering”

Breakfast with a side order of wit – from food reviewer and comedienne Jessica Fostekew, at online humour magazine Standard Issue (“a smart and witty e-magazine by women”).  Here’s an amuse bouche: “I should confess that I hate black pudding. It tastes like licking a hot, broken road that there’s recently been a terrible fight on. My companions howeverContinue reading “Humorous Food Review “Hoovering””

Key to great art (3 mins vid)

Brutal honesty – “that is the route – not just to a relationship with God – but it’s the route to a great song – in fact, it’s the only place you can find a great song – the only place you find any work of art of merit.” – Bono

History….. GO!

The most beautiful, intriguing and powerful objects have one thing in common: they live in museums. Let’s go find them. And in these words, http://www.museumcrush.org invites you on its opening page to click on either “to read” or “to do” (which will showcase museum/gallery events in the UK).  If you have a day free onContinue reading “History….. GO!”

Baking Calm

Seattle-based Oh Honey Bakes made this enticing recipe to celebrate St Valentine’s Day this year, on her visually sumptuous blog. At the same time, the blog post (link below) speaks to the deeper movement in society at that time, the unsettledness of international relations.  And also to the baker’s personal anxieties, with her beautiful remedyContinue reading “Baking Calm”