21 questions to help you find your life work

It can be very difficult to find your best career/job – here are 21 questions I’ve put together as a warm up.  They’re positive and imaginative to do.  Why not take some time, get comfy and answer them, see what emerges? Disclaimer: Right up front, let me say I don’t have professional training in careers,Continue reading “21 questions to help you find your life work”

Fresh Guacamole

Hey – it’s the weekend!  Let’s make Guacamole!  How hard can it be?  I think I’ve got a recipe by PES somewhere….. Here are a few recipe notes from film-maker PES, compiled from various interviews: Salon Magazine: Have you ever calculated the number of hours of work that go into each second of your finishedContinue reading “Fresh Guacamole”

What’s for tea?

The dreaded cry goes up around 5 pm in most households, “What’s for tea?”  If you have very little food in the larder, you can try making some Western Spaghetti.. PES is the name used by indie animator Adam Pesapane.  Animation Magazine Online interviewed him in 2008, here’s a couple of questions and answers fromContinue reading “What’s for tea?”

A million Lovely Letters

Is a handwritten letter important?  Jodi Ann Bickley hit rock bottom after a brain infection left her with a stroke, fits and chronic pain. Contemplating suicide, she decided instead to use her writing skills to make letters of encouragement for others feeling very low.  So began her “Million Lovely Letters” campaign. Within one hour ofContinue reading “A million Lovely Letters”

Next Gen artists and engineers

Problem: The Creative Industries are expanding rapidly but schools are not increasing arts training. Solution: free Sat Morning Arts clubs with college lecturers, for 13-16 year olds. The red dots in the map indicate where the classes are available.  (Just one in Northern Ireland, just one in Scotland.  What’s that about?) Listening in on otherContinue reading “Next Gen artists and engineers”

Art as Spiritual Practice

I met Lou Davis this week, an interesting artist, combining printmaking and spirituality indoors, walking and meditation outdoors. I enjoyed this Youtube video she made, showing how she meditates while creating with colour.  It looks very doable and I love watching the process, especially her vibrant choices of colour.  Inspiring, especially on a rainy Sunday.

Poetry, noodles and animation

As you know, this blog likes to mix its ingredients of art and life, so putting together poetry, noodles and animation this morning was the work of a moment. Exhibit A – the poem is “Making Mines Frires” by Dominique Ahkong and if you pop over to http://bit.ly/2vm5ZEk you can read the poetic description of theContinue reading “Poetry, noodles and animation”

Cheesecake is a luxury

… but sometimes we need a little luxury. I just had a fabulous cheesecake experience.  If you are ever visiting Edinburgh, Scotland, swerve off your eaten path and try Artisan Cheesecakes, 104 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh. I had been viewing this shopfront from the top of a passing bus on journeys into town (the shop isContinue reading “Cheesecake is a luxury”