What’s for tea?

The dreaded cry goes up around 5 pm in most households, “What’s for tea?”  If you have very little food in the larder, you can try making some Western Spaghetti..

PES is the name used by indie animator Adam Pesapane.  Animation Magazine Online interviewed him in 2008, here’s a couple of questions and answers from it:

Animag Online: Tell us a little bit about your most recent short, Western Spaghetti.

PES: The concept was pretty simple: It’s the way I make spaghetti. The recipe is legit. I just decided to substitute objects for the food elements. In many of my films I use foods as other things’e.g. popcorn as explosions or peanuts as crying babies. I thought it would be interesting to totally flip this and make a film where everyday objects stand in for the food, such as rubber bands for spaghetti, post-it notes for butter, bubble wrap for boiling water.


What kind of advice do you give young students who want to get into the animation business?

PES: Make films for yourself, about things that amuse you, concern you, or bother you. It’s all about pleasing yourself first. Others will follow.

full interview viewable at: http://www.animationmagazine.net/people/indie-animator-pes/


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