An Amuse Bouche of food jokes

Over our evening meal at home tonight, I laughed as I remembered a joke told – I think – by Woody Allen, many years ago: There were two women at a holiday resort and one said “Ah – this food is terrible!”  And the other said: “Yes!  And the portions are so small!” (In caseContinue reading “An Amuse Bouche of food jokes”

How Lyrics work – by Carly Simon

The now-defunct online magazine, Doubletake, printed a short but very good article on lyric writing, by Carly Simon, the hugely popular song writer. Amazingly, at one point she was so discouraged about her apparent lack of success with songwriting, that she decided to give up on that career.  However, on her ferry trip home, aContinue reading “How Lyrics work – by Carly Simon”

People who cry in front of paintings

I’m making soup and reading this book: “Pictures & Tears” by James Elkins.  His theory is that “Most of us, I think, have never cried in front of paintings, or even felt anything very strong.” (page ix) so he then examines the ‘unusual’ cases of those who do find artwork moving. Right off the bat,Continue reading “People who cry in front of paintings”

Poem written for Henry Moore

This day last week, I was in a writing workshop (led by Kate Hastie) on how to make a poem response to artworks (“Ekphrasis”).  In response to this lithograph by Henry Moore, “Upright Motives” – I wrote this:     For Henry Moore “Upright Motives”   Reinterpreting the body with his pen, Henry watches hisContinue reading “Poem written for Henry Moore”

Exhibition: Ages of Wonder, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

The phrase “embarrassment of riches” could have been invented to describe the current exhibition at the RSA, Edinburgh, of “Ages of Wonder”.  Around 450 works of art, collected in lifetime of the Academy, earliest work dating from 1540 up to the present day. In this brief video (by the Edinburgh Reporter) you see Sandy Wood,Continue reading “Exhibition: Ages of Wonder, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh”

A sight for the ears – exhibition tie-in

Edinburgh, Scotland: Last night, I was at the book launch of a pamphlet book of poetry “Seen/Unseen” written in response to the artworks in an exhibition “Hidden Gems” at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh. There was a brilliant turnout, in part due to the fact that there were 30 poets involved and most of themContinue reading “A sight for the ears – exhibition tie-in”

David Bomberg (1890-1957) current Exhibition

David Bomberg currently has an exhibition at Pallant House, Chichester until 4 February 2018.  It then reopens at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne  (17 February -27 May) before going on to the Ben Uri Gallery and Museum, London NW8 in the summer of 2018.  Bomberg drew and painted in a variety of styles throughout his life:Continue reading “David Bomberg (1890-1957) current Exhibition”

Guest blog: Food Photography Tips

Have you ever cooked something rather wonderful – want to share the recipe with others – but found that when you took a photo, your glorious dish looked, well, underwhelming? Professional photographer and food blogger “Cooking without Limits” has got it sorted out – I picked up some excellent tips from her blog – andContinue reading “Guest blog: Food Photography Tips”

Time travel and Pizza

Time travel and pizza….. Well, what more could you ask for in a short animation?  Looking at the website,  I came across this oscar-nominated short video.  Just two minutes of your earth time.  Or is it more?  Or less? Creative Takeaways Slippery Edge like to feature the work of creative folk – have aContinue reading “Time travel and Pizza”