Poetry lives on

W H Auden reads his poem about the death of W B Yeats (anniversary today) – not only the passing of the man, but the way poetry lives on in the world after the death of its writer. Interesting to bear in mind that we are listening to the spoken words of a poet who has been deadContinue reading “Poetry lives on”

Movement and other dangers

Once again, Friday night is Health and Safety Film night with our resident expert, Professor Mal Archaic. Bonjour!  That’s your actual French, that is, mesdames et monsieurs.  Ce soir (or this evening) we consider the dangers of movement, travel and encountering postmen.  I bow and generally lean forward at 30 degrees to the great FrenchContinue reading “Movement and other dangers”

Listening in on the Oscars for Poetry, T S Eliot Prize

10 poets read as shortlisted for the annual T S Eliot prize – audio recording on Youtube videos