Ceramics: Lina Lav

Screen shot of website
Lina Lav’s website front page

Lina Lav makes exquisite ceramics with recurring motifs of bee, honey, feathers, gold paint and text.  Check it out at her website.

Based in Boone, North Carolina, she is also developing canvas painting – as featured on the front screen of her website.  This is her sole painting so far, but obviously one to watch out for.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of ceramics choices.  Despite this appearing under our blog section “Thing of Beauty” – you can see that there are no less than – well – three.  So we are in plural things of beauty land here.

In case your finger isn’t already poised over her website, here’s one more enticing picture which you’ll find on “Overflow Studio”, which she shares with artist Jacob Daniels:

website photo
bee and honey gold dish


New news – fresh update directly from the artist to our blog:

As of right now, I’m currently spending my studio days illustration and collaborating with a design firm in Charlotte but I plan to reopen the summer season with a new dinner plate series.       – Lina Lav


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