Classic Film: The Man with the Golden Arm

“The Man with the Golden Arm”, starring Frank Sinatra is just one of the very watchable classic black and white films available at the moment on streaming networks.  (Currently on Amazon Prime). Watch it.  There’s a genuinely tense story – underscored by Elmer Bernstein’s music – which frankly would have a placid monk chewing hisContinue reading “Classic Film: The Man with the Golden Arm”

Health & Safety Film: Football results

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night once more at ,&.  We roundoff each work week with a joyful piece of imaginative comedy.  Professor Mal Archaic is a fictional character we have invented and let loose with a comedy video clip which he interprets in an over-serious way.  Hark!  A knock at the doorContinue reading “Health & Safety Film: Football results”

Book recommendation: “Black rainbow – how words healed me – my journey through depression”

Rachel Kelly has written an account of two severe depressive episodes in her life, and what she found helpful in recovery.  She writes descriptively of her despair, various treatments and in particular how one of the arts – poetry – accompanied her well on this journey (in addition to professional psychiatric and medical help andContinue reading “Book recommendation: “Black rainbow – how words healed me – my journey through depression””

Film Editing Advice

In this interview, BAFTA and OSCAR winning film editor, Lee Smith, gives insight into his career and experience. (One third of the runtime is general advice; the remainder on the experience of editing the 70 mm film, “Dunkirk”) His advice? A film editor begins work by looking through the script before filming starts, to makeContinue reading “Film Editing Advice”