Health & Safety Film: Football results

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night once more at ,&.  We roundoff each work week with a joyful piece of imaginative comedy.  Professor Mal Archaic is a fictional character we have invented and let loose with a comedy video clip which he interprets in an over-serious way.  Hark!  A knock at the door – ’tis the Prof in person.

Professor Mal Archaic:  Greetings.  As it’s Friday evening, it’s time to let down our cigars and smoke our hair.  Or should that be the other way around?  Ha ha.

Tonight, we ponder the dangers of sports results on the furniture.  We consider this documentary footage from the BBC Series “Ripping Yarns”, showing a football fan under the influence of a poor fixture result.  What desperation!  What overactive imagination!  But enough of me – Beowulf bring me my pouffe, my best tobacco, and let the telecine commence!  


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