On Blog Milestones

via On Milestones  Congratulations to Marriss, who has completed a quilting blog post a week for 2 years now! Quilting itself is a curating of bringing together different materials, a bit like a blog – only more dimensional, time-consuming and skilfull – so congrats on doing both! I doff my unquilted, poorly knitted hat toContinue reading “On Blog Milestones”

A Dragonfly at the dawn ! — Waruni Anuruddhika

Waruni Anuruddhika, an independent Sri Lankan film maker , art photographer and researcher,   has very kindly given permission to share her poem and picture. A dragonfly at the dawn ! At the edge of water , I forgot myself … © Waruni Anuruddhika 2017 via A Dragonfly at the dawn ! — Waruni Anuruddhika YouContinue reading “A Dragonfly at the dawn ! — Waruni Anuruddhika”

Key Post: Decluttering

Celebrating 1,000 posts, we’re running key posts from the past, revised. In January, it seems helpful to repost some of the best advice on decluttering. The Internet is itself cluttered with Professional Declutterers –  with videos of fiercely energetic bright-eyed professional Organisers who produce rigid programmes of Decluttering which suit their own list-driven, cool and emotionlessContinue reading “Key Post: Decluttering”

1,000 posts!

This is our 1,000th post, & Counting! Thank you for being part of this by your visit – do stay a moment and have a look through what is now a generously sized magazine online on creativity and how to make more and enjoy more. There are hundreds of posts on many different arts andContinue reading “1,000 posts!”

Other People’s Phone Messages

I don’t normally listen in on other people’s phones – but we’re all invited to do so in the opening title sequence for the TV series “The Rockford Files”.  What a great idea for an opener – it immediately tells us so much about the main character of the downbeat Private Investigator – the humour,Continue reading “Other People’s Phone Messages”

Andy Warhol eats a hamburger

Stop me if you’ve seen this before – but I’ll be amazed if you have – a short film of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger (although foodie pedants will be shouting “it’s a BEEFburger!”).  Jorgen Leth travelled from Sweden with a film crew to capture the moments. Why?  Well, it was part of a setContinue reading “Andy Warhol eats a hamburger”

Tweet: birdsong

Happy new day, new decade, new audio treat – BBC sounds is running a little series of early morning sounds of birdsong.  Today’s is the Song Thrush – simply a one and a half minute sound recording, together with a quote from a poem on the sound – and all presented by a very wellContinue reading “Tweet: birdsong”