Still Stuck in a lift

Following on from the last blog post – Anne-Marie Fyfe’s poem about being stuck in an elevator (or “lift” as we say in the UK)… a video clip showing what it can be like in a fictional scenario, with others, achieving a turnaround in a main character’s arc.  Perhaps even an inciting incident.

On how to rearrange your life priorities, in the Norah Ephron film “You’ve got Mail”:

Creative Takeaway

Imagine who you would like to be stuck in a lift with?

Who would you decidedly NOT want to be stuck in a lift with?


For me, I’d quite like to be stuck in a lift with a fireman who formerly installed lifts, who would know what to do.  For impractical reasons, a comedy writer simply to while away the time or a rep for a publisher who had book samples with her.  On the other hand, as others have said, if I stepped into the lift and Bruce Willis was already in there, eyes wild, with a besmirched vest and bloodstreaked trousers – I would wait for another elevator.





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