Videopoem: Elevator

The best poems take you there, give you an experience as well as a chance to think differently about life.  This reading gives you that.  And clues on how to avoid panic, always a useful life tip.


The one way this could be improved upon would be an appropriate soundtrack running through – recorded sounds in a stopped lift in a building, and the words read in an echoey environment, like a lift.

More on the Poet

Anne-Marie Fyfe has a substantial poetry-writing career, as well as a lifetime organising poetry nights (London), retreats, teaching creative writing and in so many ways opening the door for other people to step through into more appreciation of other poets, and to put pen to paper themselves.  What a great mix of a career.  I tip my hat (an ink-stained one with a section for secreting a paperback) to her.

You can find out more about her publications and creative writing courses she is teaching on her website.



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