October – daily Creative prompts

Continuing the experiment with creative prompts from Sketchbook Skool.  Here are your daily challenges for October, should you choose to accept this mission.


Sketchbook Skool is an excellent provider of online drawing classes – find this list above and more info on their courses over at:



Creative Prompts – what?

Creative prompts are a trigger, a starter, a warmup.  The idea is that you see the word and it’s a catalyst to make creative work sparked off by that thought.

10 Benefits of Creative Prompts

  1. the randomness.  It comes from outside yourself, so it take you out of unnoticed ruts
  2. it works quickly – read a word, start making
  3. the breadth of themes covered – just look across the month
  4. serendipity – you are likely to stumble accidentally upon a particularly meaningful       theme to you personally, in among so many choices
  5. it encourages play, you can experiment, there’s no big commission at stake
  6. you can engage in the same themes with other people, everyone knows what the theme for the day is, it can become a fun shared activity
  7. it gives a starting point, instead of a blank screen/page/canvas
  8. it’s something to aim for – and you can still be surprised by feeling drawn to something different as you begin – you can go with that ‘diversion’
  9. it’s fresh, daily
  10. someone else has done the work of thinking where to begin, you just respond

*Worth Viewing TV: Wimbledon begins!

So the annual tennis fest which is Wimbledon Tournament begins today – in the UK, TV coverage starts at 11.30 am.

But if you’ve got interest in the history of the tournament or fond memories of watching it over the years – then do make space to catch up with a BBC i-player documentary.



This programme aired yesterday, as a runup to the event, and includes footage of and sometimes interviews with former winnners of the matches: Bjorn Borg, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Chrissie Evert, Rod Laver, John “You canNOT be serious!” McEnroe, Pete Sampras, as well as the President of the England Lawn Tennis Association who gets to present the award most years.  Also, the cameras are allowed to go into the Royal Box and other areas normally shut off from TV cameras.

Screen shot 2017-07-02 at 23.12.27.png

We see the triumphs, near misses, failures and a heartening number of people who don’t quite get there but come back and win in following years.  And of course the passion, tension and ecstasy of the fans.  I know I’m one.  Some matches will remain in my memory.Screen shot 2017-07-02 at 23.11.55


Pencil sculpture – Gareth Reid

The recent winner of the Sky Art “Portrait Artist of the Year” works fundamentally in graphite and charcoal.  The effect is of a monumental sculpture, yet flat 2D.

Born in Belfast, Gareth Reid studied at Glasgow School of Art, University of Ulster and Florence Academy of Art. He now lives and works in Glasgow. Previously a drawing tutor in Con Ed at Glasgow School of Art, Gareth currently teaches at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Strathclyde University and runs weekly life drawing classes at Cass Art (more on them tomorrow).  You can book a place at his life drawing classes in Glasgow

720x479.fit.Gareth 1.jpg

Gareth drawing Imelda Staunton