Blog Post 830: Hello!

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Dullest blog ever – Dave Walker

This is a wonderfully funny parody of a totally inconsequential blog.  Made by a hilarious cartoonist, Dave Walker. Posts includes such gems as: Going for a walk April 15th, 2013 I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point.   Straightening the doormat February 7th, 2010 I noticed that the doormat was at … Continue reading Dullest blog ever – Dave Walker

Guest blog: Food Photography Tips

Have you ever cooked something rather wonderful – want to share the recipe with others – but found that when you took a photo, your glorious dish looked, well, underwhelming? Professional photographer and food blogger “Cooking without Limits” has got it sorted out – I picked up some excellent tips from her blog – and she’s kindly agreed that I can share them.  Here’s how … Continue reading Guest blog: Food Photography Tips

Baking Calm

Seattle-based Oh Honey Bakes made this enticing recipe to celebrate St Valentine’s Day this year, on her visually sumptuous blog. At the same time, the blog post (link below) speaks to the deeper movement in society at that time, the unsettledness of international relations.  And also to the baker’s personal anxieties, with her beautiful remedy “When I’m stressed or life is feeling out of control … Continue reading Baking Calm

Nivver a dull moment

Everyone and their phone take good photos nowadays – but one blog whose photos and accompanying notes take me somewhere beautiful and relaxed are the traveller/blogger at glassey alley.  Based in Ireland, the snapper still manages to jaunt to the Dordogne, Lake Garda (Italy) and many beautiful places. But even in a place as unpromisingly named as “Ballinspittle” – he finds beauty (see below) . … Continue reading Nivver a dull moment