People who cry in front of paintings

I’m making soup and reading this book: “Pictures & Tears” by James Elkins.  His theory is that “Most of us, I think, have never cried in front of paintings, or even felt anything very strong.” (page ix) so he then examines the ‘unusual’ cases of those who do find artwork moving. Right off the bat,Continue reading “People who cry in front of paintings”

Humorist, Photographer, Earthling

Terry Border describes himself as “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling” on his website. As well as the photo series of books with wiry limbs (see featured photo above this article) he is also a punning facial hair model:  – this is part of a series if you have a friend with facial hair which you would like toContinue reading “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling”

LifeBOOK: “Gee’s Bend: the Architecture of the Quilt”

  Some books are fictional, some are what I’m going to call LifeBOOKs – books which help you read life.  Books you remember because they open doors, open eyes, make you see and understand things you didn’t before you opened the covers.  I hope to pull some of these down off my shelves and reviewContinue reading “LifeBOOK: “Gee’s Bend: the Architecture of the Quilt””

Another incentive to Write That Book

If you’re aiming to dive into writing That Novel in November – here’s yet another incentive: a £10,000 prize for previously unpublished writer: the Deborah Roger’s Foundation. Deborah was a literary agent, and so this prize continues her life work of supporting new, emerging writers.  The entry level isn’t too strict about not having publishedContinue reading “Another incentive to Write That Book”

Writer’s pictures 2

Having a good picture of yourself may seem like a dream a long way off, when you’re starting to send out your work as a writer, and only you and your computer know what you’re about.  But the need for a publicity picture may come sooner than we think.  Are you ready?  I was askedContinue reading “Writer’s pictures 2”

Crowdfunding a Craft Book

Patricia Van den Akker crowdfunded a craft book and told us how in seminar “The Birth of a book: Dream Plan Do” at Xponorth 2017 festival.   Main points: “Writing the book was the easy bit” “Don’t wait for the ‘right’ time” “Marry a graphic designer”

Poetry is everywhere – Instagram

For practicing but unpublished poets out there – a new way to build an audience, get your work seen and possibly get a book offer from a publisher…. Instagram. According to an article in the Boston Globe (by Michael Brodeur) “Amazon’s top 10 bestsellers in poetry is filled with works by poets who post theirContinue reading “Poetry is everywhere – Instagram”

Typography History in 5 mins

This simple animated 5 min vid gives the basics of main typography (fonts).  Even if you are on first name terms with fonts, this gives a little more info in an easy to view way.   Recommended further reading: (she said, in italics) Then I would recommend getting “Just my type” by Simon Garfield  IContinue reading “Typography History in 5 mins”