Power of Story

Does it matter what we read?  Does it matter that we read?  Is there any power in someone writing?  Will the life of one person, written down, affect someone else? I found a fascinating example in the words of an English teacher trying to teach in a school with gang warfare: Erin Gruwell.  It’s beenContinue reading “Power of Story”

Living the Sound of Music

Intriguing – you can now listen to the “Sound of Music” without the music – simply the audio of what happens with the characters – storms, birdsong, phone ring….. It looks like – and sounds like – this: So, if you are an extreme fan of the film – or you just love living lifeContinue reading “Living the Sound of Music”

Quite Literarily

An amusing thinking game for readers….. what book titles would be created if you removed just one letter from famous works of fiction? (Photo by House and Garden – nice bookshelves) “Three men in a Boa” “Madame Ovary”- in which an impoverished French woman garners funds as surrogate mother to other people? David Barnett of theContinue reading “Quite Literarily”

Authors’ Photos

Don’t judge a book by its front cover, right – but what about the photo of the author on the back? Electric literature website offers picture/summary/author photos in a giant table. (UPDATE: their website has been revamped, so this is no longer the page to view – but you get the point from the sampleContinue reading “Authors’ Photos”