Quite Literarily

An amusing thinking game for readers….. what book titles would be created if you removed just one letter from famous works of fiction?


(Photo by House and Garden – nice bookshelves)

“Three men in a Boa”

“Madame Ovary”- in which an impoverished French woman garners funds as surrogate mother to other people?

David Barnett of the Guardian introduced the game, suggested the two books above, wrote a funny article and then stepped aside for the reams of glorious suggestions sent in by correspondents at: 


I particularly enjoy these contributions:

Animal Arm

A Town like lice

Cloud Alas: A single grey cloud in the sky ruins an otherwise perfect day for a family picnic. In Japan, in the future. With robots.

Far from the madding Crow– a Wessex man changes his identity to escape from the sinister corvid that haunts him.

Lady Chatterley’s over

Medieval English Pub Guide: The Canterbury Ales




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